2016 Chrysler Town and Country LX Walkaround

2016 Chrysler Town and Country LX Walkaround2016 Chrysler town and country Fully powered Key fob right here. What. Watch that door open. Still in goes feeding. He’s going to the floor for example. Let me show you. I lift up this. Apartment right here. I pull the lever here right where my hand is.

Thinks those all the way to the ground. Come on. Now we have all empty space right here in the middle. Now for the backseat. We’re gonna walk around the car like this. Right over here. It goes by numbers. Number one. Number 2. Number 3 and 4 will flip all 3 into the grid. Same thing will go again number one. Number 2. Number 3 a you pull pull the lever for down. Now while I look at this. It’s a full back bed of a pickup truck.

All you soccer moms out there would be proud to drive in this 2016 Chrysler town and country. Did I mention the automatic start. Here’s the key fob again it this one double click it like a mouse. I The Wait 2 seconds. Listen to the sound of that motor and Chrysler town and country headlight bulb. It one more time. The car turns off. Vehicles loaded located over here itself Tony cries a jeep Dodge drove in Gilroy alone inside the van sickle look.