Car won’t start Battery or Alternator?

Where do you drive 1965 Ford truck or 2015 Subaru wagon you’re gonna have a dead battery someday and you need to know what it is for you to start throwing parts out I’m gonna show you. You whether your battery with a sure alternator how determined quick and easy home anybody can do it very basic minimal tools. Let me show you so I don’t have a dead battery right now the reason for this video is I’ll stand in the auto parts store and it was a very similar situation that I get a call probably every couple months from somebody I know friend family member family member the battery is dead what do they do they jump start it battery’s dead again is alternators the battery what do they do their loss for the guy thought a parts store in front of me the other day was asking me.
Battery or Alternator
The salesman you know what I need to do my battery’s dead. We just started a diet again you know his recommendation was just put a new battery not $175 put a new battery in it and if that doesn’t fix it. It’s your Alternator the problem is you put a new battery in it you might run a week your alters bad but then she’s gonna go bad beginning chances are you could ruin your new battery because alternator. So which is it let me show you quick and easy. First you really only need one tool to make this job really easy and that is a multi meter.

This is actually a free one from harbor freight and knock knees my good ones coming show you a cheap one can do it if not there like 5 Bucks I think even the home depot almost any other place sell these things around. $510. Or does. We went in senator very handy. So to diagnose whether your battery your connections or the alternator there’s couple little basic tests you do first is given secure connections this. You know the easiest thing you doing if you gonna replace batteries cleaner connections they got -1 first the reason you take off the -1 is because if you’re using a wrench to take it off any accidentally touch the body doesn’t do anything racks if taking positive off first if you actually touch the body big spark big belly scares the crap out of you.

You sure the better you can ruin it so they offered a positive clean the terminals you know that’s basic basic automotive anybody spell to do that terminals are clean nothing into check is wherethe wire comes into the connector into the clamp make sure that’s clean they sell these universal ones like this which are really get becoming Brasso becoming lad. I’m either on a good I like the brass will be better that’s the brass when you can see a dirty this one is the reason this was taken out of service as you can see the corrosion in there so even though this was actually replacement and was clamping down you clean all that outside you want still wasn’t making the connections a battery could not charging or if you could be so hard to start but clean that if you.

These these. Bear star claims they put on your vehicles are crap and so few even suspect analytics copper wire there’s enough where there. Snip the wire strip back to encasing a little bit site on it new one click on these are like 2 Bucks even Walmart sells it but.

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