Benefits of fuel efficient tires.

fuel efficient tiresThe main advantage of energy saving tires, of course, in fewer emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, which is achieved by lower rolling resistance.

If we consider the example, it turns out: in accordance with environmental standards in the modern car emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere should not exceed 120 grams per kilometer. These standards will be tighten and the minimum rate of emissions will account for 80 g / km. Thanks to the use of energy-efficient tires you can reduce CO2 emissions by 5.4 g / km.

Motorists are little worried about ecological of cars, for them it is more important reduction in fuel consumption.
Many motorists may think that for lower of fuel consumption and improve of environmental performance coupling properties of tires will decrease. This is categorically false! Specialists were tested tires with energy-saving properties. The test showed no deterioration of their properties, and vice versa these tired showed slightly better results than conventional ones.