The oil for automatic transmission: functions, kinds, replacement

automatic transmissionAutomatic gearbox is one of the most loaded, but at the same time the most expensive in repair car components. But, having accustomed to the comfort of use, many motorists just forget, that automatic transmission, as well as the other car parts, requires the compliance of to certain rules of operation and maintenance.

Despite its durability and robustness, the automatic gearbox can both break down and easily serve the same time as the car itself. So that you donĀ“t have to repair it too soon, you should follow the rules operation rules and do the maintenance.

As any car liquid, automatic gearbox oil has certain strictly regulated technical parameters, providing optimum service conditions of gearbox. In our time, there are two technical standards, used for the oil classification. These are the classifications of companies General Motors and Ford, used in the work of the car manufacturers, giving advises on the choice of the transmission fluids, and the producers of oil.